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Do you charge a booking fee?

No booking fee. We asked that if you do have to cancel please do so in a timely matter because we serve one client at a time


Do you have a cancellation fee?

No, but please respect your appointment and cancel at least 24hrs prior.


Are you accepting walk-ins?

No, at this time by appointment only.


Payment method? 

No cash on site. E-Transfer or exact cash is acceptable.


Is there a waiting room?

There is no waiting room therefore clients must call when they arrive on site.


Do you use reusable buffers and files?

All buffers and files are disposable and available for clients to take at the end of service.   


Do you clean between services?

Cleaning is done in between every client. All services are booked for 1 hour or more to include clean up time.


Is a mask mandatory?

Yes. Masks are required for all clients and service providers. Masks will be able to purchase if needed.


How many people can be in the salon at once?

Only the service provider and one client will be allowed in the salon at a time.


Is there a restroom on-site?

Yes. It’s a shared space, we are not responsible for the cleanliness of the restroom.


Do you offer a mobile service?


Rate $20 to $30 including the delivery of service

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